Philosophical: What is the meaning of life?

Life tells us what it is about in what it does, which is ensuring that what is alive continues to be alive by birthing itself. I realized this when I was trying to change my negative trains of thought, I wondered to myself, “Why are these trains of thought so relentless?” and the answer came to me, they wanted to stay alive too, as everything else does. The meaning of life is to know life by having it.

Emotional Health: Feeling Sadness Can be a Good Experience

Is sadness really a negative feeling, or do you have a negative perspective about it? The thing about it though is that even if you change the perspective of it, it’ll still feel unpleasant. Sadness is a humble, quiet sensation worthy of being felt. You will realize that what your body is telling you at any given moment is neither a positive nor negative notion but just pure sensation, and how you view (perceive) that sensation is what will make it negative or positive.

What a Healthy Lifestyle Should Look Like Within and Without

A healthy lifestyle is a wholesome life consisting of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual contentment. When a person thinks about lifestyle, they might often revert to material belongings. However, you the person are the actual life that you possess. So, what is the way of life of you the individual life? Not what possessions do you have, but what possesses you. What is your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual stance in your individual life? These ways of being, how they are, and the condition they are in, are what constitutes your lifestyle.