I am Chrysanthemum

I’m a South African 26-year-old spiritual enlightenment, personal development, mental health and wellness blogger.

In 2018, I had a psychotic mental breakdown from sleep deprivation psychosis, physically. But spiritually, this event was a destined spiritual awakening, so much that when I came back into my mind and body I was spiritually enlightened. I thought and spoke differently.

I started my blog and personal brand because after graduating, the thought of investing my time, mental, emotional and physical energy only on an entity that wasn’t my own was not resonating with my spirit.

My mission as a writer and lover of wisdom and knowledge is to write content founded on wisdom and insight to enlighten women, young girls and boys, and others on spiritual enlightenment as a means of securing wholesomeness through lasting (lifelong) healing, wellness, self-development, wholesome mental health and discovering their true self and purpose.


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