Mental Health: The Practice of Discernment and Its Benefits

Discernment is an art and a skill that needs to be honed. Without it, you are placing your life on chance and luck and other people. Discernment is the quality of your decision-making process and the efficacy of the results of those decisions. We live life through making decisions, so much so that even not making a decision is a decision you are making. These decisions become the reality of our lives, and they become the results of our ever-coming future. 

How to Practice Discernment

To practice discernment, you need to know what your values are so that the end goal of your decisions follows and portrays those values. It is essential to know what you are trying to achieve as a result of a thing you are discerning or deciding on. Your values will be a guide for your discernment. Your discernment needs guidance, as that guidance will make your decision-making process become discernment because you will have a vision of what you want your outcome to be, as dictated by the guidance being a life value. So, know your values and pursue those values as the results of your decisions, then you will have discerned. 

For you to discern, you need to have a roadmap of where you are going, so that the decisions you make become discernment because they are discerning how to get to where you are going. You cannot discern an outward matter if you are not aware of who you are as an individual. Because otherwise, you are not discerning, as there is no guidance or roadmap, you are just making decisions for the sake of making decisions, in that, your decisions are not based on any desired reality or attribute. 

To discern an outside matter, you must first discern who you are. To discern who you are, you must identify your values and goals because these things that you are and things that are your goal become your identity and self-image. Only after knowing your identity can you begin to correlate your outward life with your inner reality. Because then will the outward decisions you make be based on who you have identified yourself to be. Pursuing the alignment between your inner world and your outer world is what practicing discernment stands for, and it is how discernment is achieved.

Benefits of Discernment 

The benefits of discernment are being your dream self, and pursuing or living your dream life. Most things that can go wrong in life can be averted by discernment. With the practice of discernment, you are not where you don’t want to be, doing what you don’t want to be doing. You are not with the wrong crowd, pursuing the wrong things. You are not at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Because you are active in your decision-making, you are not dependent on chance or luck.

I’m not saying discernment makes your life perfect, but I’m saying your life doesn’t become less than desirable because of your own doing. We can’t control what happens in life, but we can control what we do in life. We control the actions we take and the reactions we make in our lives. With this discerning control, I bet life may tend to look better than not, perhaps because most of our suffering may very well be of our own doing, of our actions and reactions, as opposed to it being of life’s doing.

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