Are Your Words For or Against You? How to Watch Your Mouth

Words are spiritual. You can’t see words, nor can you touch them. Words (or communicative sound regarding all living creatures) are the fabric of living because it is through words (or sound) that we live out our lives. A human being is a spirit and that is why they have a body. The physical realm is made for and by the spiritual realm. In other words, the life you live is dictated by the words that come out of your mouth. 

It is inadvisable to think you can talk down on yourself yet be up in your life. Internal thoughts and your inner voice are not the same thing. Thoughts happen to you uncontrollably and nonstop if you don’t stop them through mindfulness, and your inner voice is what you actively, consciously say to yourself. Just like your outer voice is you intentionally talking, your inner voice is you talking the same way, yet in a way that only you can hear. Words not only express your thoughts but they express your emotions as well. 

Why Should You Watch Your Mouth?

You are constantly meditating on the words you are saying to yourself. Your actions become conformed to these meditations because they shape your views and beliefs. These words become all you see because how could you see what’s not there? How could you see what’s not in your mind and your body? You couldn’t possibly. It is important for your well-being and your goals to think, see, believe (from constant meditation), and as a result speak, all that serves you and your life.

For you will only see, believe, and speak what is in your being, what is in your mind. So, watch your mouth because it reveals what is going on inside you. Whatever it is that is going on in your mind reveals how and why your life looks like it does. This isn’t a judgmental, condemning statement. It is a call for the awareness of your external environment as sourced from your internal environment, and as a result, demanding awareness of your internal environment too.

Your Words Are Powerful and they Have Meaning

When you are aware of your words, you get to recognize if they are for you or against you. Perhaps you are your only enemy and have become an expert at talking down on yourself so much that you cannot believe in yourself. Only constant internal meditation from your inner voice can put you in such a state of not feeling equipped to pursue your goals, thus not actively pursuing them. If you are pursuing something, it is because you think you can get it.

If you’re not pursuing it, you are convinced it’s out of your reach, so why would you go after something you can’t get? You wouldn’t. Your limits are made up by you through the words you tell yourself about yourself. Who could convince you better than your own voice? Oprah? No. Whatever anyone else says, your inner voice would have to come into agreement with those words first for them to have an influence. If your inner voice agrees, then the words are adopted and they manifest their impact. But if it disagrees, there is no influence or change.

Whatever it is you want for yourself; however you want your life to look like, your inner voice must be speaking that reality within you because that is how you will bring it to life. Your inner voice will compel your thoughts and emotions, and these will compel your words, and all together they will compel your actions and continued action, resulting in the eventual desired reality. Be aware of your internal self. It is the key to being in control of your external life.

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