How to Cure Pride with Humility and Establish Inner Freedom

Where there is pride there is no freedom. You can only have a persona for other people, you can’t really have a sense of self-importance or pride if other people aren’t involved to witness it. It’s as good as only ever for others. Pride can ignite fear, anxiety, and worry because of trying to protect the persona you’ll have put on from anything that threatens to destroy it. 

Humility is birthed from seeing yourself only as a human spirit, not made by possessions and riches. Humility is the cure of pride and its chains. If you practice being a humble person, you become enlightened about the freedoms you can have. You realize that when you are humble and lack pride, you are not susceptible to taking offense, and being anxious about people around you because of possibly saying something stupid? Or you slip, or feel out of place. You’re not trying to be or protect a certain kind of image so these kinds of instances cease to matter. 

Having pride is singing your own praises by wearing them. Without humility, you are deduced to being your accomplishments and what you have instead of being a wholesome eternal spirit.

Having great accomplishments and luxuries is a joy to embrace because being poor and in need is not a good thing. The problem begins when you get your sense of self from these physical possessions when you’re in fact a spiritual being. It is advisable to state this problem because you are way more than anything that can rust and be unusable or turned into trash. 

My problem with the world today is that it is telling us that without luxury and riches, you will not be happy, which compels me to state that it is very possible to have it all and be unhappy. How unfortunate are you if you have fortunes but are unhappy? All this to say, placing your happiness and joy on your inner being is the key to enjoying all luxury and riches if you might have or want them.

Propagating a Broken System

Because of the pride of life, we want a high place in society. We ignore our spirit, where wealth emerges, to follow suit on being in great debt with college loans for a degree that won’t pay a fraction of that debt. Even most lawyers and doctors will acquire great wealth and riches once they identify as entrepreneurs, like becoming an author or starting their own practice.

What’s the point of belonging if you’re trying to belong in an environment that doesn’t conjure true happiness? Trying to fit in a society that sets standards against your natural being. This particular form of striving is found to produce stress, suicidality, anxiety, and depression. Continuing to fight to fit in a broken system is a huger proclamation of the broken system.

The Cure of the Broken System 

Enlightenment is the realized combination of all the good in the world, minus the realized illusions because they’re not good for your well-being at all. Being enlightened is living by the combination of all the good in the world, and your spirit—your true self is the first of that good in the world. Enlightenment is the cure for the broken systems of the world. Invest in evolving your being for a wholesome self and lifestyle.

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