Women Who Men Cheat With, This is What You’re Inflicting.

Couples make families, families make communities, communities make society, and society makes the world. If there is trouble with couples, there is trouble with our whole world. If there aren’t women who men can cheat with men won’t cheat. 

This article is not about how both men and women can cheat. Women and men are counterparts, so what I say about one gender can apply to the other as far as morality and decency are concerned. This article is also not to judge or condemn. It is to simply shed light on how unwise and self-sabotaging to allow someone to cheat with you is.

For the women who men cheat with, this is what you’re doing to yourselves: when a man is cheating on a woman with you it may seem to you like you’re prettier or more desirable or whatnot. But the truth of the matter is that you’re asserting and proving to yourself that men are untrustworthy.

You are shaping a negative perception about the man you will want to one day love and who you’ll expect loyalty from. Not only making you a hypocrite but making you a prisoner and victim of the theory you tested and proved when a man cheated on another woman with you.

A Need For Healing

Secondly, it may very well be a sign of a need for healing and validation when you allow a man to cheat on another with you. Contrary to you feeling like you’re the one he’ll leave his wife or lover for as if he’s not also proving to you that he is “take-able” and another woman can take him from you too, you are both proving to you that instead of confident you’re insecure, and instead of whole you’re empty. You profess that whatever you can get to fill you will do, as opposed to choosing the best quality of conditions to nourish your already full self.

A confident woman doesn’t allow just anything that appears because they believe they can achieve their goals. A secure woman won’t feel like bragging about a man cheating with her. After all, she would only have secured validation as if she was insecure if she does, and a secure woman won’t feel prettier because of feeling like she’s chosen or that she convinced a man to be disloyal because she’s “that beautiful”.

Hypothetically, even if a man is married to the wrong woman and he later meets his true love, if they can’t hold themselves for a morally acceptable beginning they are reduced to lustfulness and shame and guilt, and if this is their foundation where ever can the good and blissful come from. For, if sex is the one thing they can’t not do, is it even love? I beg to differ. 

Since these negative situations are creative as well, say you didn’t know he had a lover because he lied, then you would, of course, be innocent, unless you continue because you “caught feelings”. You cannot then choose someone else over yourself, that’s not true self-love.

All Love Begins with Self-Love

For there to be an environment for true love to flourish, there needs to be true self-love. So that you are complete and whole before going into that relationship so that two wholes make a couple. A couple that is impenetrable with a love foundation. A couple that’ll build a family, a family that’ll build up a community, and a community that’ll make the world a better place. 

I would like to end this article by making this final point: a man having chemistry with a woman outside of his marriage or relationship should always be platonic. This is necessary for a functional society. There is such as sisterhood, which every man can deserve, and brotherhood, which women can have, all for the betterment of not being a perverted society but a cohesive one full of understanding and wisdom.

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