How to Make Yourself a Great Friend to Yourself and Others

Friendship is the foundation of all relationships. You must consider yourself your own friend so that there isn’t an environment for loneliness within you. A friend is where you get truth and counsel, granted that your friends are chosen wisely, for you will become the company you keep. With a friend or friends, you create a culture. A culture of earnest truth and counsel, or a culture of foolishness.

How to Fight and Win Against Jealousy

You cannot win against jealousy when you’ve already embraced it because then it has already won, you win against it by not succumbing to feeling it. You are not wrong for having jealousy emerge in you, but it is your responsibility to not be consumed and dictated by it. It is essential to realize jealousy through self-awareness to immediately reject and annihilate it.

How to Become An Original Thinker

Originality comes from the spirit within a human. For, only the spirit of a human being is from another realm, the spirit realm instead of the physical realm that we already know. The physical realm is temporary, all perish, but the spiritual realm is eternal, and so the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and creativity of the spiritual realm are unprecedented always.

The Case of Christ. Who is Jesus Christ? Religion or Spirituality?

Saying “God doesn’t exist” is like saying the wind is not there because you cannot see it with your physical eyes. But we know the wind is there because we can feel it touch us, and we can see the effects of the wind as trees are tossed to and fro under its influence. Just like the wind, which is like the physical manifestation of the human spirit and the Spirit of God, we can not only feel God within us, but we can see the effects that are of Him.

How to Live a Happier Life

Living a happier life is in store for you if you so choose it. Joy is ever present in you, you only need to realize and engage with it. You don’t depend your joy on what the day may or may not bring. Your happiness would come from the independent joy you’ll have conjured within you.

About the High Suicide Rate of Men in the World

This article is about men, for women. “Men don’t cry.” the world says. What’s a man to do when his humanity needs a good cry? Do men have no right to express emotional suffering? Most importantly we need to teach our baby boys that their worth is never based on what they accomplish or possess. That they will be fully men regardless of what they will or will not have.